Common Tyre Safety Myths

Car tyres are arguably the most important and overlooked feature of your car. They need regular maintenance in order to keep performing the best of their ability. Due to its complexity and diversity, most of the people seem to understand ... Read More

Tips on Tyre Repair

Before beginning a tyre repair, the tyre must be removed from the wheel assembly. To conduct a safe tyre repair, a thorough tyre inspection is required. Not all unsafe conditions are visible from the outside of the tyre. Removing the tyre ... Read More

Monsoon Driving Tips

Before you go driving in the rain, make sure your vehicle is equipped for the job. Here are some tips for handling wet weather driving. AIR PRESSURE & WET PERFORMANCE Tyre air pressure has a big impact on how your ... Read More

Under Inflation vs. Over Inflation

Avoid driving on underinflated or overinflated tyres as both scenarios can reduce the performance of your tyres and cause them to wear quicker. Underinflation causes poor handling, fuel inefficiency, and an increased risk of tyre failure. Tyres are routinely exposed ... Read More