Benefits of Tubeless Tyres in Your Car

Until a few years ago, tubeless tyres were branded as a premium feature by vehicle manufacturers. But nowadays, most new cars and SUVs come with tubeless tyres. However, if you have an older vehicle that came with tubed tyres and you are looking for tyre replacement, now might be a good time to switch to tubeless tyres.

Here are the advantages of switching to tubeless tyres in your car or SUV.

  • No more punctures caused by tube pinching:
    A conventional tyre can get punctured by the pinching of the tube between the tyre wall and rim. You may think it is not possible but such punctures do happen quite often.
  • Running the vehicle with low tyre pressure:
    You can run your vehicle with low air pressure without causing cause damage to the tyres. However, we still recommend getting your tyres regularly checked for air pressure for a smooth driving experience.
  • Ability to use liquid sealant for automatic puncture repairs:
    Tubeless tyres can be filled with liquid sealants. When a sharp object cuts down a hole in the tyre, the sealant oozes through it and dries – hence plugging the puncture. It can be very handy when you are off-roading or travelling through long highway stretches.
  • Slow air release allows you to go small distances with a puncture:
    While a tyre with the tube goes flat in a couple of minutes, in tubeless tyres, the air escapes at a much slower rate. This feature alone can be very useful when travelling as it gives you enough time to pullover safely.
  • Lightweight and good for your car mileage:
    Since there is no tube, there is one less component in your wheel setup, reducing overall vehicle weight. Also, not having a tube means there is less unwanted friction as a tubed tyre has friction within itself. This, in turn, will reduce the frictional load on your vehicle and result in better mileage. Read: The right tyre size can increase your car’s mileage
  • More stable driving experience:
    As the air is within the tyre itself, the distribution is more uniform, improving the vehicle’s stability at high speeds. The same cannot be said about tubed tyres as cases of uneven air pressure inside a tube are quite common.

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