Tyres contain anti-aging properties that are mixed into their rubber compounds. Tyres contain anti-ozonants that help the rubber stay soft, flexible, and conducive to grip. Over time, air begins to permeate the tyre wall and weaken the integrity of the tyre’s structure; causing the tyre’s flexible structure to become brittle and lose strength. This deterioration process is known as oxidation, since oxygen serves as the catalyst of decay.

In addition to the degradation caused by the permeation of air and oxygen particles, other factors can cause tyres to lose their gripping power and overall effectiveness. Warm climates and exposure to direct sunlight can speed up the aging process by accelerating oxidation. Therefore, the tyres equipped on vehicles that are stored outdoors will age faster than tyres on vehicles stored in a garage.

Tyres will also age faster if they are improperly cared for or are abused. If tyres are driven while over-inflated or under-inflated, internal damage could occur that may not be detected through visual inspection. Impacts, punctures, and improper tyre repairs may also cause damage that could permanently decrease the life of tyres. These occurrences weaken their integrity and contribute to premature aging. To reduce these risks, make sure your tyres are correctly inflated, regularly maintained, and treated with respect.

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You must decide exactly when to replace your aged tyres based on a variety of individual factors. Mileage, condition, and maintenance received all contribute to the tyre’s safety and usability. You should replace tyres if you think one of these factors may have compromised the tyre’s integrity. If you are unsure about what to do, come to Tyre Empire for expert analysis and recommendations.

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