There is something really attractive about some of the cars that you see on road, but you are not able to figure it out. You look harder and then you realize it’s the wheels that really make them attractive & that’s probably because alloy wheels have been fitted to the cars.

You think to yourself that I need to get one for my car too. You’ll probably think to yourself again, is there anything that I must know before spending formidable sums of money and installing them on your car ?

Yes, we have answers to your questions.

Alloy wheels or “Mag wheels” are made of an alloy of aluminium or magnesium. Alloys are mixture of metals and other elements.  For alloy wheels made from magnesium alloys, they are called “Mag’s”. The term alloy wheel is used to describe every non steel wheel, manufactured using single mould.

So why go for alloy wheels ? 

  • Alloy wheels are visually appealing and that’s the main reason why people opt for them.
  • Not just looks ! Alloy wheels have performance advantage over steel wheels. They are lighter in weight, so it increases the acceleration power. And reduces the stress on suspension components. Lighter wheel will improve the handling.
  • Alloy wheels can be cast into different designs, they have several customization and styling options.
  • The gaps in alloy wheels also aid brake cooling and allow the brakes to do a better job at slowing the car.
  • Performance and handling further increase the fuel efficiency of your car to a certain extent.
  • Alloy wheels are well-suited for tubeless tyres because they are totally airtight.
  • Lengthens tyre life because the heat dissipation feature of alloy wheel has positive implication on vehicle tyres. Tyres tend to wear out quickly when heated, with alloy wheels they remain cooler.

If you are determined to install alloy wheels on your car, then speak to a Tyre Expert @ Tyre Empire for advice and alloy fitment services, call us on 9008000000 or schedule a visit today for a Tyre Safety Check !


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