How To Clean Your Tyres ?

Properly cleaning your tyres is important because it will prevent brake dust and other elements from potentially damaging the tyre. You should clean your wheels at least every other time you wash your car, or every two weeks. By using the steps listed below, you can learn how to properly clean your tyres and keep them looking great for years to come.

Your wheels are exposed to dirt, mud, brake dust, and many other things in the environment. Start with a normal wash to get the bulk of the mess off your wheels. Use a pressure washer to blast away the bulk of the dirt on your wheel’s surface. Rinse between your wheel spokes to remove the dirt that collects on the inner rim surface. Also be sure to rinse the rubber sidewall with a direct stream of water.

Fill a bucket with water and add a tablespoon of dish soap per gallon. Dish soap will help remove grease and road oil from the wheel surface. Be sure to avoid any product that lists formaldehyde or raw silicone as an ingredient, since these compounds can cause tyre rubber to deteriorate. Let the cleaning solution sit on the tyre surface to help break up dirt and grime.

After letting the cleaner sit, begin scrubbing the tyre surface. You should use a soft or medium brush, so that when scrubbing the tyres, if you make contact with the wheels, it will not result in scratches. Thoroughly rinse the tyre and wheel to remove all cleaning products. Do not forget to rinse the brush as well.

When the tyre is completely rinsed, dry your tyre with a terry or microfiber cloth. Make sure to thoroughly dry the wheel as well to prevent any water spots. Your tyres benefit from a good cleaning, conditioning them to prevent weather cracks in the rubber as it ages. Apply a tyre dressing after every car wash for a deep black color and long-term protection.

Cleaning your tyres is a way to ensure not only that you are protecting them, but that your are keeping them pleasing to the eye as well. Wheels and tyres are often overlooked as part of a car cleaning regimen, but regular cleanings are essential to maintaining the life and safety of your tyres. Tyres are a big part of overall car health, so if you are having issues with your tyres be sure to have one of Tyre Empire’s service experts give your tyres a thorough inspection.

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