Road Force Balancing

Imagine you are driving along the highway and suddenly notice an unusual vibration in your steering wheels. Wondering what could have caused that?  It could possibly be a wheel imbalance or road force variation that’s causing the noise.

What are the causes of the vibration of the wheel?

There are several factors that cause unnecessary wheel vibrations.

  • Wheel balance: Out of balance tyres, a car at certain speeds will vibrate. A tyre is reportedly out of balance if one part of the tyre is heavier than the other. Wheel balance measures right to left and top to the bottom imbalance of the tyre and is counterbalanced with weights added to the wheel. Wheel balancing needs to be done to ensure normalcy.
  • Road force variation: Otherwise called Radial force variation(RVF) is a property of tyre affecting steering, traction, braking, and load support. This is another cause of vibration. It is often due to the fact that the wheel in the tyre is not perfectly round, uneven tread or uneven sidewall stiffness.

So what’s the solution?

If  Wheel Balancing does not solve the vibration problem, then you will have to go for Road Force Balancing. Road Force machine rectifies the inevitable wheel and tire imbalance. Road force machines have a vibration control system which ‘road tests’ the mounted assembly to confirm virtually every aspect of a tyre and wheel that contributes to the vibration. This system uses a ‘road-roller’ that applies force (approx 635kg) to the wheel while spinning to stimulate the wheel’s performance on the road with a car’s weight on it.

The roller estimates the quantity of weight the tyre can carry off while rotating and gives the service professional simple to obey directions on suitable corrective behaviour. The road force machine reads the wheel run-off and tyre confluence with the measurement of the road force and gets a perfectly balanced wheel.

The aim of the balancing machine for road force is to adjust the arrangement of each tyre for perfect and individualized alignment of the tyre. We don’t think there is a better way of maintaining your wheels. There is no other machine in the world which can carry out real-time simulation like how your wheels would respond when it runs on the road and when it has to run carrying your car weight.
– Solves Vibration Problems
– Identifies Potential Vehicle Pull or Drift Problems
– Dramatically improves the ride quality

If your vehicle needs a road force tyre balancing service, schedule a visit to Tyre Empire or call us at 9008000000. Our experts will provide you with a consultation to help determine whether balancing road force is right for you ! 


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