Car Care

Re-gas your car AC

Proper working of the AC unit is an essential element in car ownership. You may figure out sometimes that the AC system does not function correctly as it did when your vehicle was new. Regular AC maintenance will ensure that ... Read More

Beat the Heat in your Car !

In these broiling days of summer, turning on the air conditioner is the first thing that you are likely to do when entering your car. Pushing your face towards the car air conditioner vents as chilled air starts pouring into ... Read More

It’s time to change your Engine Oil !

Engine oil or motor oil has several functions inside an engine. Oil in its purest form functions as a lubricant. The correct oil gives life to an engine, just like the blood in our body. Engine’s lubrication system consists of ... Read More

How often should Brake Pads be replaced ?

You may not think about them very often, but they are one of the most important component in your car that needs to be in fine condition. When you are driving along the highway on a sunny day with windows ... Read More