pirelli cinturato p6 car tyres

Pirelli Cinturato P6 – The Perfect Balance !

Pirelli Cinturato P6 is an upgraded version of Cinturato P1 which provides the perfect performance equilibrium, fuel efficiency, comfort and high safety for medium-sized and compact cars. Pirelli has developed the Cinturato P6 with particular emphasis on safety, environmental sustainability ... Read More

Balancing Wheels

Wheel balancing and Wheel Alignment are different services but are usually confused. Both of these are necessary to increase the life and performance of your tyres. Wheel balancing should be done frequently, whereas a wheel alignment is not as frequent ... Read More

Re-gas your car AC

Proper working of the AC unit is an essential element in car ownership. You may figure out sometimes that the AC system does not function correctly as it did when your vehicle was new. Regular AC maintenance will ensure that ... Read More

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