Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season – High Performance and Saving

SCORPION VERDE (Italian for Green) ALL SEASON is the green performance tyre range developed by Pirelli, especially for crossovers and SUV’s – a tyre that takes full advantage of the most modern resources, structures, and tread patterns from Pirelli technologies. This guarantees savings, environmental friendliness, comfort and safety on all road surfaces.


  • Optimized phasing and pitch sequence: Lower inner noise. Complies with the latest noise reduction standards. The Pirelli Noise Cancelling System(PNCS) is a technology capable of reducing noise inside the vehicle, thanks to a sound absorbing device applied to the inner circumferential wall of the tyre, significantly reducing noise.
  • Innovative and optimized profiles to decrease fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Longitudinal siping and elevated lateral siping thickness: off-road and all-season performance.
  • Large contact patch and four wide longitudinal grooves ensure safety on wet surfaces.
  • RUN FLAT- ‘No Pressure Drive’: The Pirelli Self Supporting system presents specific reinforcements inserted into the sidewall’s structure. Pirelli Run Flat tyres support lateral and transverse loads of the vehicle.

Scorpion Verde is the ideal choice for crossovers and SUVs. It is designed for drivers who are looking for higher mileage and light off-road performance without giving up comfort and safety on all road surfaces and under all conditions. Made of eco-compatible materials that diminish the impact on the environment, both during the production process and during the life of the tire. Longer lasting tire, maintaining high levels of performance and safety.


15” Tyres 205/70 R15
16” Tyres 235/60 R16
  215/65 R16
  215/70 R16
  225/70 R16
  245/70 R16
  265/70 R16
17” Tyres 235/55 R17
  215/60 R17
  225/60 R17
  215/65 R17
  225/65 R17
  235/65 R17
  245/65 R17
  265/65 R17
18” Tyres 235/50 R18
  225/55 R18
  235/55 R18
  255/55 R18
  235/60 R18
  245/60 R18
  255/60 R18
  265/60 R18
  285/60 R18
  235/65 R18
  235/70 R18
19” Tyres 295/45 R19
  235/50 R19
  255/50 R19
  265/50 R19
  275/50 R19
  235/55 R19
  255/55 R19
  255/60 R19
  235/65 R19
20” Tyres 295/40 R20
  305/40 R20
  245/45 R20
  255/45 R20
  265/45 R20
  275/45 R20
  285/45 R20
  295/45 R20
  255/50 R20
  265/50 R20
  275/50 R20
  285/50 R20
  255/55 R20
21” Tyres 295/35 R21
  315/35 R21
  265/40 R21
  275/40 R21
  285/40 R21
  275/45 R21
  285/45 R21


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