Yokohama BluEarth AE50 – Superior Grip, Superior Comfort

An addition to the environment friendly range of tyres of Yokohama, Blue Earth AE50 is a premium tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars. Blu Earth AE50 offers exceptional grip and handling. It is made using Double Silica that offers superior wet and dry grip, long tread life and improved handling.


  • Customized nano BLEND compound
    – Increase orange oil and adopt double silica. To derive the performance of various polymers and compounding agents to find the best balance of fuel saving, wet grip and long mileage.
  • Powerful Asymmetric, New Silent Design
    – Adopt tread pattern and construction suitable for heavy passenger cars and reduce the weight simultaneously.
    – New Silent Design keeping silence after wearing.
  • Aerodynamics
    – Not only to reduce rolling resistance of tyre itself, but also we aim to reduce the fuel consumption of tyre on the car. Adopt dimple side design and profile to reduce air resistance.

Available Sizes

Inch Section % Size Load Index Speed Symbol
18 50 245/50R18 100 W
17 45 225/45R17 94 W
215/45R17 91 W
245/45R17 99 W
17 50 225/50R17 98 W
17 55 215/55R17 94 W
225/55R17 101 W
235/55R17 99 W
17 60 215/60R17 96 H
16 50 225/50R16 92 W
16 55 195/55R16 87 V
185/55R16 83 V
205/55R16 94 V
225/55R16 99 W
215/55R16 97 H
16 65 205/65R16 95 H
16 60 205/60R16 96 W
195/60R16 89 H
215/60R16 99 V
15 60 175/60R15 81 H
195/60R15 88 V
185/60R15 84 H
15 65 185/65R15 88 H
175/65R15 84 H
195/65R15 91 V
14 70 185/70R14 88 H
175/70R14 84 H

For more details on BLU EARTH AE50 tyres, call us on 9008000000 or write to us at info@tyreempire.in

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  • What is the best price for this one, Blue earth 185/65/R15. I will need 4 of them. Please PM me or msg

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