Tips to Avoid Tyre Sidewall Damage

Your tyre’s sidewalls are built to be strong and to withstand force and pressure, keeping your car stable. If you notice any tears, cuts, nicks, bubbles or bulges in the tyre sidewall, it’s normally a sign of serious damage to the tyre’s structure. This means that you and those around you are at risk of a serious accident, typically caused by a tyre blowout. It is absolutely vital that you get the damage checked by an expert immediately, and if appropriate replaced.

4 Tips for avoiding tyre sidewall damage

1. Avoid contact with kerbs
Obvious, right? A lot of sidewall damage starts with a rough bang against a kerb or pavement. If you regularly scuff your tyres while parking, this too can cause long-term tyre damage problems.

2. Avoid driving into potholes
Okay, they’re not always avoidable – and certainly never pleasant – but bangs and scrapes in potholes can damage your tyres.

3. Keep your tyres at the right pressure
When there isn’t enough air in the tyres, the sidewall is exposed to even more force and pressure, because it’s compensating to keep the car stable. This can cause premature wear to the tyre structure.

4. Clean off any spilled oil
If you spill petrol on your tyres, or drive through some really dirty water, make sure you clean off whatever’s left on the tyres with water and washing up liquid. Prolonged exposure to solvents and oils adversely softens the rubber and can damage the structure of the sidewall.

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